Monday, August 2, 2010

Wyandot, Wyandotte or Huron Native Americans

The Wyandot tribe has been called the Wayandotte tribe and by the French they were called the Huron tribe.  The French called them the Huron tribe because some of them lived near the Huron River in Michigan.

In the rest of this article, they will be referred to as the Wyandot tribe.


The Wyandot tribe lived in the following places:

Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Wayne County, Michigan
Wyandot County, Ohio
Crawford County, Ohio
near Kansas City, Kansas
Craig County, Oklahoma


1795 - Treaty of Greenville - Established a Boundary for the Indian Reserves in Ohio.

1816 - Treaty with the Wyandots, Senecas, Delaware, Shawnee, Pottawatomi,
          Ottawa and Chippewa - Set boundaries at the Sandusky River in Ohio

1842 - Sold their lands in Ohio and moved to Kansas.

1900 - Moved to Craig County, Oklahoma, near the Seneca tribe.

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